Stories Under Nails (CD)

Stories Under Nails (CD)


On STORIES UNDER NAILS, Weaver and his earthy guitar and banjo are accompanied by an electric, inventive combo that employs a wide variety of string and percussion instruments to provide the singer with layered, ever-shifting sound scapes that range from disarmingly comforting to disturbingly metallic (as in a blacksmith shop, not like, say, the Sabs).

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Weaver’s startling lyrics arrive as free verse, morbid prose, itchy stream-of-consciousness or even knotty word gymnastics, but in every case, there’s some kind of menace that needs dealing with or a physiological mess to clean up. His is not a sunny world by any stretch, but it’ll sure as heck get—and hold—your attention.

Track Listing

  1. Grieve All You Want 
  2. Voice In The Wilderness 
  3. Old Mission 
  4. Sway With Me 
  5. John Martin 
  6. Cold House 
  7. Like a Wound 
  8. 40 Watt Bulb 
  9. Handed Down 
  10. Old Mule 
  11. Broken By 2 
  12. Ragged Words