Paper Sky (CD)

Paper Sky (CD)


Paper Sky is Weaver's fifth album. The restless, prolific songwriter has been praised as “riveting” (No Depression) and “a startling talent” (Time Out London) that “tells amazing stories” (Utne Reader) in his evocative songs populated by birds, phone booths, lovers, and plastic bags stuck in trees.

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Track Listing

  1. Introlude 
  2. In November 
  3. Wings as Knives 
  4. Plastic Bag 
  5. Like a Vine After the Sun 
  6. The Unelected 
  7. Black on Black 
  8. Down 25 
  9. Frankie 
  10. Sorrow 
  11. Surrealism and blues 
  12. Geisha 
  13. Rain Leaves Smoke 
  14. Whatever You Want to Haunt You