Wilder Buffalo Rides

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What: Group ride with concert and converation

When: June 27 6PM 

Where: Choose the shop you'd like to meet at and ride from.

Angry Catfish   4208 S 28th Ave MPLS, MN. Meet up 5:30-6PM. 6PM Sharp roll out.                                                              

Perennial Cycle 3342 Henepin Ave, S MPLS, MN.  Meet up 5:30-6PM. 6PM Sharp roll out.

How far: Ride leaders will bring you to the concert location. Rides will vary in length somewhere betwee 5-10 miles from shop. All you need to do is show up. 

Why and What are Wilder Buffalo Rides?

A musical and bicycle collaboration between Ben Weaver, Strong Buffalo, Agnry Catfish and Pernenial Cycle.

Each day we walk around in the presence of two systems. The first system I call the "original system." It is made up of plants, animals, water, air, fire, dirt ect.. The second system I call the "secondary system." It is a system that has been imposed on top of this "original system" and is made up of concrete, roads, banks, jobs, internet, houses, power lines ect…

The words and songs that come through me are meant to offer witness to the original system, this network of life connecting the moss, trees, water, birds, dirt and roots back to each one of us. 

I have felt an urge to create concerts and conversations in the woods that bring others into witness of this original system. As a time of deep and immanent adaptation becomes more and more certain for civilization I want to make a space to connect, share and experience the joy that resides in these places. It's in this joy that we thrive as humans and in this joy that we find opportnities to connect. If disconnect is the main offering of the "secondary system" then I say we look to the "original system" for connectivity so we can to build refuges, in the woods, near the water, where reciprocity is boundless and a way forward is possible.  

Strong Buffalo and I will offer one Wilder Buffalo concert each month starting in June. We will announce the concerts and locations approximately one week in advance. If you have questions you can email me through the contact link on my website.  

As with all ecosystems, all are welcome to join these events. These will be free concerts with donations appreciated.  

Each concert will begin with a group ride from either Perennial Cycle or Angry Catfish. The ride leaders will know the way. Your job is to enjoy the ride, look around and talk to new and old friends. Each ride will be between 5-10 miles from the shop. 

First Ride is June 27. More info and to sign up visit this link.

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