Bike Wilder Poetry CSA


I spend a lot of time hustling and living in the unknown. What I love to do is create things. To be a passageway for messages to travel and intersect with the lives of others. To honor this I have decided to use the CSA model and apply it to my writing and printing in hopes to create a more sustainable means to to make this work.

The first Bike Wilder piece is a printing of my poem Considering Leaves in book form. If you are unfamiliar with the poem you can read it here. To purchase your subscription follow this link.

Bike Wilder Poetry CSA is a yearly subscription consisting of four limited edition letterpress pieces printed and written by me, and shipped quarterly in alignment with the Solstices and Equinoxes.  

The first of four printed pieces (Considering Leaves) is finished and ready for shipment this week. Those who have already signed up for a subscription will receive their first piece soon. Those who have not signed up yet may still do so by visiting this link to register.

Subscriptions are good for 12 months from the time you sign up. Subscribe at any point in the cycle.

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