Living in the Ground (CD)

Living in the Ground (CD)


Living in the Ground, Weaver’s second full-length cd gives us an entirely different side of his half-folk, half-county, half-fiction psyche.

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His first cd, El Camino Blues is entirely acoustic, while Living in the Ground finds Weaver backed by a mostly electric band; Bo Ramsey on electric guitar, Dave Moore on electric harp, and drums played by Steve Hayes. The tone is dirty and gritty, the stories are rural and dusty, and the vibe has been described as being as raw as a sushi bar’s dumpster in the mid-day August sun. The beauty of Weaver’s delivery lies in the fact that many of his songs could be spoken into a mic just as easily as they are sung. The stage is Weaver’s porch and he brings us up the steps to reveal the universal truths of humankind that makes the whole world feel like one small town. Weaver straddles that fine line between being a true poet and somebody who complains too much, a rare talent whose audience will always be a delicate combination of high-minded academics and mean drunks.

Track Listing

  1. Ella Mae 
  2. Bill Brown 
  3. Precious Time 
  4. Rainstorm In Iowa 
  5. International Flatbed 
  6. Living In The Ground 
  7. Rose Marie 
  8. Dusty Mill 
  9. Jon Henry 
  10. 2 Girls 
  11. This Train