Onyx Racing Products Hub Review


I am currently on a 3000 mile trip called Music for Free in which I’m riding down the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route carrying my guitar and Banjo playing free shows and making a documentary about the people along the way with my friend and filmmaker Keenan Desplanques.   

I was blessed by Onyx Racing Products who gave me a rear hub ride for this trip. They asked if I’d write my honest first impression of the hub while on route. Currently I’m in Missoula Montana about 500 miles into my trip and these are my thoughts thus far.

The point of Music for Free is to find the things that connect the people of America and then to celebrate them, rather than worry about all the surface issues that seemingly divide us. Riding a hub that was made in this country, and even better made within 80 miles of where I live has held a lot of significance for me. 

The first thing I noticed is the silence. It’s amazing to hear all the subtleties in the dirt and rocks, to hear the birds s tp speak. My riding partner has a loud hub and I’m reminded of the difference every time we are riding next to each other. In general I prefer silence.  

When climbing and moving through the technical sections on this route while carrying instruments (i.e. a heavy load) the instant engagement of my hub is giving me a huge advantage for handling.

The low drag factor is felt significantly on the descents where I leave Keenan pedaling behind me as I fly past with no spinning legs. 

My first impression with Onyx aside from the awesome attitude they posses as humans is that things made in smaller quantities, by people who care and are thus able to do things the right way always end up better.  Even packed with heavier grease I have been shocked with how light the hub is.  

To top it off they engraved some important words that one of my heroes imparted on me once.  “They can’t start without me.” Not that I plan to be late, but its a good reminder. Onyx offers this engraving at no extra cost to customer.  

Thanks guys for making such rad stuff.  I’m stoked to give another update at 3000 miles and thankful for the support of such great people. 





Ben WeaverComment