Sees Like a River Tour Update (I am no longer keeping track of the days)


 ... Terrain is changing / saying goodbye to the woods and the dirt for a while as I head into Wisconsin and towards the urban wilderness of Green Bay / Milwaukee / and Chicago / after passing through so much managed wilderness I'm starting to think the truest wildness we have left on the planet to learn from is the weeds insisting their ways up through the blacktop / what I already miss from the Northland is the water and rivers like this one here / the Escanaba / with paved roadways cut open wide there is nowhere to hide from the sun / I am like the old man from Big Fish saying "get me to the water, I need to get in the water!" / lately the words to speak about what I've been experiencing out here are hiding from my tongue / I feel ok about that / it feels good to be quiet / the other night I gave a small concert on the yellow dog plains in Michigan / we were across from the Eagle mine and you could hear the test drills going in the back ground / They drill at 45 degree angles trying to find new ore bodies / the drills are covered by big white tarps and look like ghosts / I am still trying to find a balance and an understanding for all perspectives with concern to mining but in the end it just keeps feeling like the childrens story the Giving Tree by Shelly Silverstein / some kind of abusive narrative where the taking just never ends / I have begun to see however that our lives as humans are wrought with contradictions and rather than pretend that we can perfect ourselves out of the contradictions maybe we ought or try and honor them / maybe there is something to learn there/ tonightI am looking forward to a beach ride and performance kindly organized by the rad folks at Broken Spoke Bikes  in Green Bay / More soon as it comes...


Concert/gathering across from eagle mine  



riding into the yellow dog plains  



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