Sees Like A River Tour Days 1 & 2

Officially my riding began on Monday when I left from the Coe Colledge Wilderness station off the Cloquet line about 13 miles northeast of Ely, MN. The evening before I had been asked to give s performance and lead a discussion with about 15 professors about the difference between wilderness and wildeness.  It was a fine spot to begin this tour. Rough road from the start.  Good ideas and conversation.

I need to get better at taking pictures but when I'm riding these back roads alone I get in my head and I don't like to be bothered to dig out my phone.  

From Ely I took a section of dirt that my friend Jermey Kershaw used in his Heck Epic race. Lots of tall pines. Didn't see a single human for about 40 miles. 

Made it into Two Harbors for my performance at Spokengear.  It's one of my favorite shops. Josh and Mark are some of the kindest most genuine people. Rather than intimidate customers they help them get the right bike and help them find new places to explore.  Dan the owner is also a good friend and it's been inspiring to watch the shop and cafe grow.   If you are heading up the Nortj Shore check them out.

I performed outside in the stand of Cedars. Bent Paddle was very generous and donated beer to the event.

Day 2 saw me heading into Wisconsin across the middle of the Bayfield Peninsula following what gravel I could.  The highlight was a stretch of hardwoods on Battleaxe road 2/3s or so of the way to Washburn, WI.

Its been hot in the woods.  My mind has been quiet which seems like a nescessity after all the work I've been doing the get ready for this trip. Sure there will be more profound thoughts ahead.

The best thing anyone has said to be thus far was this, "There are three kinds of stories in this world, your story, my story, and the truth." 

Tomorrow I am heading into the Porcupine Mountiains and from there up to Hancock, MI. I'm really excited about my route on Thursday which will take me through some of my favorite kind of land. The kind that is just a blank space on the map.  If I have the battery life in my devices I'll record the route and share it.

Thanks for everyone's support and to all those of you buying my new record. It's a satisfying feeling to put so much work into something and have people want to continue supporting it. If you want to get one you can order it here.  See you soon.

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