Ride With the Wolves Two Harbors Recap


I am working on a series of dirt woodsy and snowy rides that will bring together bikes, music, and food.  The series is called Ride With the Wolves.  We did the first on in Two Harbors back in October.  The Following is a recap I wrote for Salsa Cycles.

When I was growing up, my mom used to always tell me, “Someday you are gonna have to pick one thing to do and settle on it.” She was referring to my obsessions with skateboarding, snowboarding, riding bikes, hockey, baseball, adventuring, writing poetry, painting, playing guitar, the list went on. In looking back, and now in raising my kids, I’ve learned if, for nothing else, parents are for proving wrong.

Rather than think of my passions as “too much” with a need to limit, I’ve worked hard to braid them all together so that I don’t have to choose...Continue reading.

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