A Year In The Wilderness Resupply

March 15th 2016 I will head up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in support of the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters to deliver a resupply to Explorers Dave and Amy Freeman of A Year in the Wilderness. Dave and Amy are living in the Boundary Waters for 12 months. Their aim is to raise awareness about the need to protect the Boundary Waters from the threat posed by proposed sulfide-ore copper mining operations, from Twin Metals and others, which will pollute the pristine waters and unspoiled forests of the Boundary Waters.

In order to live, we need food, water and shelter. Thus, these are the obvious items on the standard resupply list. We often talk about water and forests as resources, forgetting about the restorative and healing merits they possess. In the same way, we often only think about a resupply in terms of the food to fill our bellies and the various other technical supplies needed, frequently forgetting about the subtle things that risk running dry. We need the stories, songs, poems and conversation that provide greater context and meaning to our inward reflections.  

For many of us the Boundary Waters is a place to go when we need to connect and replenish our inner selves with peace, quiet and refection. Dave and Amy are living in the Wilderness in order to protect the equal opportunity for everyone to have a place that fulfills this need, and ensure that it is there for generations to come.

I will ride from Ely, MN, to a BWCA entry point, where I will hike in with my banjo and guitar. My resupply will consist of songs, stories and poems that I hope will help bring them further joy and add meaning to their brave and beautiful statement of spending A Year in the Wilderness. I am honored to be joined by Bill DeVille of Minnesota Public Radio radio station The Current, who will be documenting my resupply and performance.  

Additional Support for this trip has been provided by Granite Gear, Bent Paddle Brewing Co., Big Agnes, Salsa Cycles, Banjo Brothers, Swrve, Red Table Meat Co, and Angry Catfish Bicycle Shop. 

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