Surrounding Water Welcome home Show: One Night Only

Photo: Scott Haraldson

Photo: Scott Haraldson

In July I rode my bicycle some 1400 miles around Lake Superior to raise awareness about the lake and the state of our fresh water.  In 15 days of riding I stopped for 13 different performances. Acting as a charter bearer to the Great Lakes Commons and sharing their written charter with my audiences, I met incredible people, heard remarkable stories, and learned lots of new information from the diverse communities surrounding this important and irreplaceable lake.  

Please Join me on Saturday October 3rd at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis, MN for a special welcome home performance featuring an evening of song, story, video, photos and conversations from this inspiring trip.  

Tour partners Angry Catfish will be out front offering bicycle valet. Red Table Meat Co. will be sliding charcuterie. Lucas from Bunyan Velo will help lead the conversation, while Banjo Brothers and Salsa Cycles will also be on hand adding some surprises to the evening. Get your tickets here.


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