Photo: Ryan Donnell

Ben Weaver 

is a songwriter, poet, father, letterpress printer and adventure advocate. He has released 8 studio albums of original music and 4 books of poetry. The bicycle is his chosen mode of transport for all activities in all kinds of weather. You can read about his stewardship based musical and bike tours on the Adventures page of this site.  Given the choice Ben will side with the animals, mountains, trees, lakes and rivers.


If you would like to support Ben's growing stewardship based music and bicycle tours you can donate through the PayPal link below.  Thanks for your support!


Ben's music, books and art make great gifts.  There are several ways  to purchase.  Ben's online store features his handmade poetry books, albums and CDs. You can also buy digital music on itunes and


Ben Weaver is a highly productive, accomplished and critically acclaimed writer and performer. His special blend of poetic advocacy, ability to connect with people,  and talent as a communicator has inspired people worldwide. To learn more about how Ben might help your organization, use the contact form on this site to reach out.