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Meet Me at the Treefort: The Wild as Teacher - Interwine Northeast, Minneapolis, MN -

Free Event | Open to the Public | East Side Neighborhood Services 1700 2nd St MPLS | Kid-Friendly | Tiny Footprint Coffee & Light Breakfast Snacks Provided

***NEW TIME***
We're trying out a new pattern for Sunday mornings. We'll start each morning with a 20 minute silent meditation (we call it Shush Your Dragon: Contemplative Silence) at 9am. Parents with young children, we will have a space for kids so you can have some some silence! After meditation we'll have an open space for coffee and connecting with each other before our 10am gathering start.

For this Meet Me at the Treefort gathering, we'll be joined by Ben Weaver, local musician and poet. Ben will share some of his art and engage with us in conversations and experiences that invite us to learn from and inhabit "wildness." Ben will also share from his trip last summer along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, stretching from Canada to Mexico.

The morning will be an invitation to adventure - to being people in action. We'll explore adaptability and moving beyond distraction through listening. We'll open our eyes to the wonder surrounding us. And maybe, for our own bodies and for those that will follow, we could allow ourselves to fall in love with earth again.


This summer, Intertwine wants you to MEET ME AT THE TREEFORT. This is a continuation of our exploration of the Hero's Journey - it's this time time between the Ordeal and the Road Back - where we get to know our hero selves by risking, doing and being It's a time when we own and live into our giftedness. Those summer nights as children, seem to embody a space where that becoming plays out. This is about staying out late with the fireflies, running around the neighborhood, imagining, playing, simply being. This is about embracing the magic we feel when staring at the stars. And it's about practicing the courage and connection of those real conversations that happen around a campfire or up in fort in our sleeping bags sharing our dreams. This is a journey, a pilgrimage even, out from our isolated selves into and engaged with the world around. Who is the hero you get to be? Time to stop pretending and start playing!